You Bet Your Garden

Moving your plants

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March 5, 2011 — Growers rejoice: the soil will soon unfreeze! Mike McGrath discusses which plants can be moved around easily in the spring and why winter moves are a bad idea. Plus your fabulous phone calls!

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Question of the Week

We are moving at the end of August. But the grape tomatoes are looking REALLY good, the eggplant is flowering, and I’m missing my veggie garden already. Can I dig the plants up and transplant them to our new house? There is also a small pussy willow bush with sentimental value; the original I rooted it from was at the house where my husband grew up. Can I transplant it? It isn’t very big, really (the size of a rose bush) – and I might have tried moving it anyway if we were staying. Get the answer »

Photo by Flickr user Roo Reynolds

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