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Let clover take over!

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October 20, 2012 — Many people think of clover as a lawn weed, but a surprising number welcome the white flowered plant into their turf — and some want a purely clover lawn! Mike McGrath reveals what it takes to be the King or Queen of clover. Plus your fabulous phone calls!

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Question of the Week

We’re trying to establish Dutch White clover as a lawn. It’s taking a while (and summer wasn’t the smartest time to plant, but keeping the soil moist has helped a lot). The problem is that it’s getting overrun with weeds, which we diligently pull; but I’d have to quit my job to really keep things under control! The sassy guy in the garden center at Lowes said that tilling just makes weed problems worse, and that any pre-emergent weed killer will “salt the earth” and prevent us from growing anything for a year or more. He was right about the tilling, but we need a way to kill the weeds before they sprout that will still allow our clover to grow from seed. Get the answer »

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  • Steve Kowalski

    Thank you! As always you get down in the “weeds” with us. I truely wish that I could grow a whole yard of clover. I’m here in Manyunk, PA with poorly reclamed ground. I’ve managed to put in some border raised beds, killed off the “yellow dock” (is it possibly in the horse radish family) and am still working on the Kudzo. I have what my neighbors call the prettiest mixed weed lawn they have ever seen! It”s green (sometimes ‘ish), hardy and does not require me to use poisons. When I weed, I get all my aggression out by pulling, cutting and surface treating. I’d like you to talk about the utility of the much ignored hand trowl and hand claw (I use a 3 finger version) for curing many of the day to day garden problems. It’s fun, they’re cheap, they work and you can see the results up close and personal. For example, with hand pulling, trowl digging and surface spot prep with the claw; I transformed a 40% yellow dock yard invasion to just 3 sprouts this year. That translates into 18 months. I also got rid of “Heap Loads Lots” of agrivation. Your avid listener – steve

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