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How to beat a late frost

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Do you fear losing your fruits to a late freeze? On this week’s You Bet Your Garden, host Mike McGrath will reveal the fruits that are the most frost-free. Plus everything you need to know about drip irrigation and your fabulous phone calls.

Question of the Week:

First of all, love your show and can’t thank you enough for your efforts. Keep it up forever!!
Now: I’ve been vegetable gardening for seven years and have had a place of my own for three years now. On that one acre, I have raspberries, blueberries, red and black currants, red and black elderberry, chokecherry, gooseberry, serviceberry, apples, pears, paw-paw, etc….
I’m wondering if you can steer me towards fruiting trees and shrubs that are less susceptible to being blasted when a warm winter is followed by a ‘normal’ cold snap at the beginning of Spring. That’s what happened to a lot of us last winter (2016), and I can only imagine it will happen more often. As I plant more of my acreage, I would like to concentrate on crops that set their fruit later.
—Charles in Vernon, Connecticut

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