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Heavenly scented lavender

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June 23, 2012 — Many gardeners love the idea of growing their own lavender. Mike McGrath will reveal what this sensuously scented perennial needs to survive and perhaps even thrive! Plus, Mike salutes the great Jerry Goldstein, editor of Organic Farming & Gardening in the 1950s who passed away earlier this month. Since 1960, Jerry’s company JG Press has published THE leading journals on composting and recycling. Learn more at

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Question of the Week

I love the lavender planted along my walk, but it’s trying to cross the walk! The plants are about five years old and the stems are quite woody. Can they be trimmed back or pruned? I don’t want to harm them because I enjoy the flowers, the heavenly scent, and the year-round color of the plants. The variety is ‘Provence’ and I am in Zone 6. Thank you! Get the answer »

Photo by Flickr user Pete Reed

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