You Bet Your Garden

Fertilizer 101

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July 23, 2011 — Do equal numbers mean a fertilizer is balanced? Mike McGrath will reveals the surprising answer and deliver a primer on plants foods. Plus: How to grow your own meadow with author Catherine Zimmerman. Her new book is Urban & Suburban Meadows: Bringing Meadowscaping to Big and Small Spaces; and organic answers to all your growing questions.

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Question of the Week

Twice this year friends have come to me and said, “My tomatoes are all vines and no fruit.” I asked what they were fertilizing with (thinking they were applying too much nitrogen), and to my surprise both replied: “10-10-10”. I said, “That’ll do it.” What I don’t know is why anyone would think 10-10-10 is fine for their garden—or how to help them fix the problem they’ve caused. Maybe by next year the crappy chemical fertilizer will be flushed out by rain and winter? Get the answer »

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