You Bet Your Garden

Does your lawn look like a patchwork quilt?

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May 26, 2012 — What’s going on when different color patches appear in a lawn? Mike McGrath takes a close look at pestiferously invasive annual bluegrass. Plus: HGTV’s Paul James. And your fabulous phone calls!

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Question of the Week

Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua) is spreading like wildfire in our front yard. I have tried two different chemical herbicides and digging it up, but nothing seems to work. Our yard looks like a patchwork quilt and my husband is embarrassed. We use a lawn service to cut our grass and I don’t think they clean the lawn mower between yards; I believe that’s why it’s spreading. I know this is not the time of year to re-seed the lawn but my husband is desperate and wants to do it anyway, despite the fact that the seed might not germinate because of the weed products that have been put down and if they do germinate the grass probably won’t survive the summer heat. I have noticed that people who cut their own lawns in our neighborhood don’t seem to have this problem. Thanks for your help! Get the answer »

Photo by Flickr user Pfly

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