You Bet Your Garden

Are morning glories invasive?

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October 08, 2011 — Are ‘regular’ morning glories invasive? Or just pretty plants? Mike McGrath discusses why so many neighbors fear the sight of purple flowers in the sky. Plus your fabulous phone calls.

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Question of the Week

I have very little area in which to garden. One plant I find to be trainable and easy to grow is the morning glory. I help the vines find their way onto fences out back and electrical poles out front. Some of my neighbors love them; others call them a “noxious weed”. If my vines aren’t growing over other living plants, are they ‘weeds’? Is the term “weed” purely objective, or is there a subjective view of what is and is not a weed? And should my neighbors be afraid? Am I helping to propagate something terrible; or am I growing a beautiful flowering vine that softens the view of concrete and asphalt? Get the answer »

Photo by Flickr user Di Bedard

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