You Bet Your Garden

Add green space to your place with window boxes

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April 16, 2011 — Almost anyone can add some green space to their place by hanging a host of window boxes. Mike McGrath reveals what these very different kinds of containers need to do their best. Plus your fabulous phone calls.

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Question of the Week

We have lovely window boxes on the sunniest side of our row house. But I killed most everything I put in the boxes last year; it all burnt up. (I think my problem was waiting until May to begin planting.) The ‘boxes’ are wrought iron holders to which we add a liner to hold the soil and plants. What’s the best material to use: shaped moss, burlap, wood, clay? We understand that we should use the same non-soil, or light-on-soil mix you recommend for other potted plants—correct? And should we water them like you recommend for a lawn? Or more frequently? Get the answer »

Photo by Flickr user Tom Bradnock

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