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12 ways to get ready for fall gardening

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October 13, 2012 — It’s time for the second season of great growing! Mike McGrath reveals a dozen things you can — and should — plant over the next month or so. Plus your fabulous phone calls!

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Question of the Week

Tip #1: If you live in a non-tropical clime, pot up your impatiens, ‘annual begonias’ (they can actually live as long as tuberous begonias if cared for the same way) and pepper plants and bring them inside before nighttime temperatures drop below 40 degrees; these plants are all long lived perennials if protected from frost. Give pepper plants the strongest light possible once indoors. The shade-loving flowers will do fine in any somewhat sunny windowsill—as long as it’s well insulated against nighttime cold. See the next 11 tips »

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  • Pam Kuczora

    I have several rose bushes. Some cheapie ones. Some not so cheap. I just love pink and white roses. But I have neglected some and never pruned them (4 years old). They are still alive but leggy. I have some Knock Out roses, too, that are a year old. Now that the last kid has gone to college, we are empty nesters and actually are getting some things done. I’d like to prune my roses…but I have read so many conflicting things about them. Some say to prune now before winter. Others say no. I think you say NO, also…one says to prune in February. You say to prune in spring. What to do, what to do?

    I listen to you on WBST in Muncie, IN.
    Thanks, Mike. Love your show!
    PS I am mostly an herb gardener…because I love to cook. Can you tell me how to keep lemongrass alive? I brought one in last fall and it died. The stuff outside died. I had to search all over and pay a small fortune for one measly plant. Thanks so much!!!

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