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The Boston Bombings: Our Hearts, Our Homeland

Explosions, loss of life, lockdowns, and a manhunt–the story of the Boston Bombings has a nation on edge and transfixed by daily developments in the investigation of this unprecedented act of terrorism.

At a time when authorities are creating timelines and sifting through evidence, citizens are asked to stay strong. But how can that be done when everyone feels so vulnerable?

Psychologist Dan Gottlieb explores a sense of vulnerability that stretches beyond Boston as he discusses ways to transcend this national trauma.

Dan will be joined by psychiatrist Steve Berkowitz, associate professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Penn Center for Youth and Family Trauma Response and Recovery.

They take questions and comments from a live studio audience.

Audience member Nick Claxton (second from the left in the photo below) shares his experiences running the 2013 Boston Marathon in a personal essay »

  • Dr. Dan Gottlieb (left) sits with live studio audience
    Dr. Dan Gottlieb (left) sits with live studio audience.

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