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Stepfamily therapy

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January 30, 2012 — While stepfamilies are the fastest growing family form in the United States, building positive relationships in a stepfamily takes time and can be complicated. There are roles and rules that need to be defined. Sometimes there’s competition for attention, a history of rituals, or emotional residue that involves an ex. With time and proper guidance, there are ways of dealing effectively with these issues, and stepfamilies can forge intra-family relationships that are lasting. Dr. Dan Gottlieb explores what helps stepfamilies that are having a hard time coming together.

Dan is joined by Scott Browning, Ph.D. He’s written Stepfamily Therapy: A 10 Step Clinical Approach with coauthor Elise Artelt (2012). Browning is a noted authority on psychological treatment with stepfamilies. He’s a professor of psychology at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.

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