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May 16, 2011 ‚ÄĒ The¬†silent treatment. It’s the act of ignoring and excluding. Kids learn about it in the playground, and adults do it in the workplace. It was even a common political practice in ancient Greece. It’s also known as ostracism, and the effect can range from temporary discomfort to lifelong pain. Dr.¬†Dan Gottlieb examines ostracism: how and when it’s used and how it affects us, with leading researchers on the subject Kipling Williams and Steve Nida. They’ve published¬†Ostracism: Consequences and Coping. The article appears in¬†Current Directions in Psychological Science. Williams is a professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University. He’s the author of¬†Ostracism: the Power of Silence. Nida, a professor of psychology, is Associate Provost and Dean at The Citadel Graduate College.

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