voices in the family



After 30 years, Dr. Dan Gottlieb has decided to step away from the hectic schedule of a weekly live program. He’s currently doing a one-hour special every other month. in addition to his continuing short conversations with WHYY’s behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott.

Thoughtful discussions led by family psychologist Dan Gottlieb, Ph.D., highlight issues and experiences that affect individuals and society with an emphasis on behavioral health and well being.  Dan addresses recent developments in the fields of psychology and sociology and brings his unique talents as a psychotherapist and radio professional to each interview and each caller. As such, the audience is treated to a radio experience that is both eye opening and heart opening.  Both the show and Dr. Dan have received numerous local and national awards.

Contact Dr. Dan Gottlieb on his website at www.drdangottlieb.com or by email at drdangottlieb@aol.com

Dr. Dan Gottlieb’s The Wisdom We’re Born With: Restoring Our Faith in Ourselves

What if the things you imagine will make you happy won’t—if what you really need is not what you think you need? Daniel Gottlieb has produced an inspirational primer that takes us on an enlightening journey toward a sense of well-being. Gottlieb, who suffered a traumatic injury that left him a quadriplegic over 30 years ago, is uniquely qualified to offer wise counsel on the relationship between what we want and what we have. He offers his thoughts on breaking patterns and habits, calming the unquiet mind, reconnecting with our emotions and our bodies, living in the moment, discovering that ineffable “something” that defines who we are—and above all, the importance of love.

Dan Gottlieb has been practicing as a psychologist and family therapist for over 40 years. He’s written five books with “Letters to Sam” enjoying international accolades. In 1979 he was in a near fatal auto accident and he has spent the last 34 years as a quadriplegic. Since then, his sister, wife and, parents have passed away. As a result, he has learned great lessons about love, loss, gratitude and what it means to be human.

Maiken Scott is WHYY’s Scattergood Foundation Behavioral Health reporter. Before joining the station’s health and science desk, she served as producer for Voices for over ten years. She stays involved in the show in the role of executive producer. The programs and reports Maiken has produced have won several national and regional awards, including two Gracie Allen awards and an Edward Murrow award.