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After 30 years, Dr. Dan Gottlieb has decided to step away from the hectic schedule of a weekly live program. He’s currently doing a one-hour special every other month. Watch this space for details and to listen to his continuing short conversations with WHYY's behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott.

Macbeth on the Couch

A political power couple spurred by ambition and a marriage consumed by guilt, but bonded by murderous betrayal.

The Macbeths have come to Dr. Dan Gottlieb for couples therapy. What will transpire in this session as the two are forced to look at their motivations and desires? Their transgressions have made their lives unbearable, even given to hallucinations. But Dr. Dan might have them look at what’s behind those masks of evil and perhaps discover their own human frailties.

This hour long special was taped at a live event with The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater.

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