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Contagious Stress “Best of”

Everyone has experienced yawning when someone else yawn or else has walked into a room full of people where the mood was light and cheerful- and also walked into a meeting where the mood was stressful and intense. We are all emotional copycats, because all emotions are contagious. And one of the most pervasive contagious emotions is stress. We are all vulnerable to it, from the moment we’re born through our golden years. In this Voices in the Family, we ‘ll hear a compilation of interviews where Dr. Gottlieb addresses this problem head on, throughout the lifespan starting in infancy. We start with a few shows from this year, Contagious stress: From parent to child, and then Contagious stress: From adult to adult. Then, to teach us how to keep from taking it in and passing it on, we’ll hear from leading mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn, from an interview with Dr. Gottlieb in 2005.

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