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April 11, 2011 — According to the U-S Census Bureau, on average, families are having 3.14 children. Whether you want one, two, three or more kids, there’s no denying that family size depends on things like whether you’re single or not; how much money you earn; the state of your health, and what you’re accustomed to based on your own upbringing.

We hear of some couples clashing over how many children their relationship can hold. But with insight, information, and understanding, decisions can be made. Maiken Scott fills in for Dan Gottlieb to discuss creating your ideal family size with Susan Newman and Michelle Jackson. Newman is a psychologist and author. Her new book The Case for the Only Child: The Essential Guide comes out in June. And Jackson is a staff therapist at Council for Relationships and serves as the Assistant Director of the University City office.

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