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August 2017

August 6
Rules of Life

What causes Alzheimer’s Disease? What causes cancers to form? Can we make jet fuel and plastics out of germs? To get these answers, scientists are working hard to uncover the rule book that governs every aspect of every living thing on Earth, from the molecular scale to the entirety of Earth’s ecosystems.
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August 13
Intelligence Squared U.S.: Will video games make us smarter?

As video games gain prominence, some game creators are turning to global issues, such as poverty alleviation, international diplomacy, and combating climate change, for inspiration. Playing these socially minded games, they argue, allows users to build tangible skills in combating crisis and solving critical problems. But others see the multibillion-dollar gaming industry, dominated by portrayals of crime and war, as a threat that desensitizes its users to violence and encourages anti-social behavior.
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August 20
Masters of Scale: Grit Happens / Culture Shock

To succeed, entrepreneurs need a good idea, timing, money, luck. But more than anything, they need grit. And Nancy Lublin has a boundless supply of grit, which fueled her success scaling three successful not-for-profits: Dress for Success, DoSomething.org and Crisis Text Line. With practical wisdom and wicked humor, she shares the innovative approach that has given her organizations such scale. And we talk Reed Hastings, CEO and Founder of Netflix about how a winning company culture only emerges when every employee feels they personally own it.
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August 27
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