Pet Sounds: Woody and Curious

A trip to the Pennsylvania SPCA is always charged with expectations and hope and that’s only on the part of the pets who wait patiently for that moment when they find their kindred spirit. For people, it’s usually a journey of emotions and decisions , punctuated by questions : who is waiting for me? Who needs me as much as I need them? That question was answered for Woodrow “Woody” Shaffer , when he went looking for a dog and ended up finding a lifelong friend and companion that greeted him with a resolute bark.


“Pet Sounds” is a partnership between WHYY and the Pennsylvania SPCA that brings our Delaware Valley community together to rejoice and celebrate the unconditional love that exists between people and their pets. “Pet Sounds” offers pet parents an opportunity to tell their favorite pet stories to a WHYY producer in a “First Person” format while strengthening their bond to their pet and the community. Through “Pet Sounds” WHYY and the Pennsylvania SPCA seek to lift up communities through holistic humane education, promote the health of animals and responsible pet ownership, and celebrate the bond between people and their four-legged friends.