In Depth for August 10, 2013

The week’s best content from WHYY and from around public media.

No Tax Dollars Went To Make This Space Viking Photo

NPR’s Space News — Scrutinizing the books of government agencies can turn up lavish parties or illicit trips at the taxpayers’ expense. But not every investigation turns out that way. And when they don’t, the hunt for waste can appear to be a waste itself.

Bad Neighbors

Voices in the Family — Dr. Dan Gottlieb discusses “bad neighbors” and how to deal with them with guests Dan Simon, Bob Borzotta and Rue Landau.

Cornelius Varley and his Fantastical Patent Graphic Telescope Machine

Friday Arts — “Through the Looking Lens” at the American Philosophical Society Museum (through December 29 2013) highlights stunning, never before seen watercolors by British artist/inventor Cornelius Varley (1781-1873).

American Masters — Mel Brooks: Make a Noise

PBS — After 60 years in show business, Mel Brooks has earned more major awards than any other living entertainer. Yet, the comedy giant has energetically avoided a documentary profile being made, even issuing an informal gag order on his friends … until now.

In ‘A World,’ All Voice-Overs Are Not Created Equal

Fresh Air — Lake Bell and Fred Melamed joined Fresh Air’s Terry Gross to talk about the attractions of voice-over work, researching an accent, and the perils of “sexy-baby vocal virus.”