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Thanksgiving Recipes from America's Test KitchenDownload Chris Kimball’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes
From America’s Test Kitchen, this collection of recipes features holiday favorites like “Crisp-skin high-Roast Butterflied Turkey with Sausage Dressing,” “Braised Brussels Sprouts with Baconand Pecans,” and “Deep Dish Apple Pie.”

These recipes, gathered from the WHYY archives of Friday Arts and Fit, offer some different flavors for your Thanksgiving table, as well as guidance on a few of the holiday’s staples:

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast
Candied Local Sweet Potatoes with Urban Apiaries Honey & Whiskey
Roasted Butternut Squash
Lacey Swiss Mashed Potatoes
Harry’s Bar Bellini Recipe
Easy Cranberry & Apple Cake

Listen — Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane

Watch Now: Nature — My Life as a Turkey

From the Archives – Listen

Thanksgiving & coming home: From prison, from war, from college

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane

For Thanksgiving, when many of us are going home for the holidays, Radio Times focuses on three distinct experiences of homecoming and thanksgiving. First, DEMETRIUS KELLY of Northeast Philadelphia discusses his journey home after doing time in prison. Then, Iraq war veteran BRYAN ADAMS of Palmyra discusses his long journey home from war and back to civilian life as a business student at Rutgers-Camden. Then, we’ll talk to NATE WINELAND, a senior at Susquehanna University, about what it’s like coming home for the Thanksgiving break, and the Thanksgiving he spent in Spain last year.

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Family gatherings: The passage of time

Voices in the Family

Holiday gatherings punctuate our year. They mark the change of seasons but also personal changes and rights of passage in our lives. Sometimes there’s word of a new job, a new baby, an illness, a separation, a death — all of which can shift family dynamics and friendships for better or for worse. Dr. Dan Gottlieb asks: who’s coming to dinner over the holidays? How do families mark the passage of time with pronouncements, births, feuds, and feasts? We also look at some of the basics of getting along. Dan is joined by psychiatrist Barbara Wingate, M.D. and wellness coach and health educator Elizabeth Scott.

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Coming of Age: Derek Felton

Derek Felton knows enough about hunger from personal experience to run a food pantry in West Philadelphia. He also work as a community organizer for the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger. Felton sees food as a tool to bring people together for more than physical sustenance.

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