Conversations with Jo Ann Allen: Watch the Tram Car Please

WHYY’s Morning Edition Anchor Jo Ann Allen talks with knowledgeable Philadelphians to learn about interesting people, places and things around The Delaware Valley.

The inaugural “Conversation” is with WHYY’s amateur historian Ed Cunningham who loves the Philadelphia region and agreed to let Jo Ann pick his brain from time to time.

Photo by ebot via flickr

  • Mark McDowell

    In listening to your broadcast this morning, I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that you chose to spotlight the Wildwood tram recording. With Ed Cunningham prefacing his remarks with “I have never officially lived outside the city limits” I had hoped yo actually hear about some Philadelphia history. Since the focus of your new segment is to be on the Delaware Valley, why would you pick the Jersey Shore? Philadelphia has such a rich and diverse history and Ed is supposed to be an amateur historian, so why not use his talents and actually talk about our region?
    This is my first time to leave a comment, even after listening for many years. I guess I was just sorry for such a missed opportunity. Either you need to change the tagline for this new segment, or you need to actually focus on the Deleware Valley. Leave the Jersey Shore to, well, the Jersey Shore.


  • Phil MacDonahue

    The tram car on the Wildwood Boardwalk is an icon to many within the Delaware Valley (especially Philadelphia!) and therefore an appropriate topic of discussion for Ed and Jo Ann. Ed is talking about “our” region when he talks about Wildwood’s tram car, Just say the words “Watch the tram car, please..” to almost anyone in the Delaware Valley and they will know exactly what you are talking about. As far as leaving the Jersey Shore to the Jersey Shore…well, Mark if there is one thing that residents of the Delaware Valley never do, is leave the Jersey Shore! It is one of their favorite vacation spots where Philadelphians and other Delaware Valley residents have vacationed for generations! A fantastic segment! Well done!