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April 2016

April 3
The Best Medicine for Heart Disease

This program follows the stories of people battling the biggest health threat known to humans — cardiovascular disease. Every 60 seconds someone in the US dies from heart disease. It’s the number one cause of death in this country, killing more people each year than all forms of cancer combined. This program takes you inside the labs, treatment facilities and homes of those closest to the disease. It dispels common myths, discusses little known causes and investigates the latest developments to help prevent, and maybe even reverse, the disease.
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April 10
America Abroad

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April 17
2nd District Congressional Debate

A debate with the candidates running for Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District. Challenging incumbent Chaka Fattah in the Democratic primary are State Representative Dwight Evans, Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon, and local attorney Dan Muroff. The debate is moderated by WHYY’s Dave Davies and features a panel with The Philadelphia Tribune’s News and Special Projects Editor, Johann Calhoun, KYW’s Community Affairs Reporter, Cherri Gregg, and WHYY-NewsWorks Reporter Aaron Moselle.]

April 24
We’ll Be Here All Night

What do we talk about at Passover? Slavery, plagues, food, and, of course, all the unforgettable stories from Seders past. In this Passover special, produced by Vox Tablet, there’s all that and more—hosted by Sara Ivry and Jonathan Goldstein.
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May 2016

May 1
A Life Sentence: Victims, Offenders, Justice and My Mother

In 1994, Samantha Broun’s mother was the victim of a violent crime in Nyack, New York. On September 21, a stranger came into her backyard, attacked her and held her captive for 5 hours. This story is about the the political and societal impact of this case, that was felt most acutely in Pennsylvania, where the offender was from. It changed the outcome of a governor’s race. And altered the state constitution.
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May 8
America Abroad

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May 15
Shakespeare Becomes American: Shakespeare in Performance

This program explores how American Shakespeare has been shaped by the American experience. From the very beginning, Americans have sought to make Shakespeare an honorary citizen. Whether we have succeeded in that or not, one thing is clear. On the stage, within the realm of performance we Americans have certainly made Shakespeare our own, bringing to the performance of Shakespeare American passion, language and innovation. Hosted by Sam Waterston.
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May 22
The Father of the Man In America: Shakespeare in Education and Civic Life

After the American Revolution, there were real questions about whether America should adopt British culture and literature — including Shakespeare’s plays — or create its own. This program follows Shakespeare’s path in the years that followed. Hosted by Sam Waterston.
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May 29
Shakespeare is a Black Woman: Shakespeare in American Politics

In 1849, disputes over British and American acting styles touched off a deadly riot. The most famous Black Shakespearean of the 19th century was an American who went to Europe after he saw Black actors arrested for performing Shakespeare in the US. In the 1980s, Shakespeare was drawn into battles over race and gender on college campuses. Hosted by Sam Waterston.
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