Ares I launch a success!

It’s finally time to push the clocks back an hour and grab an extra hour of sleep, but what’s behind this change in daylight? It has to do with being in the northern part of the Earth. Those living nearer to the equator won’t see so much change in daylight. After a couple of weather delays Ares I launched on Wednesday successfully. Although this fight was only 5 minutes long the successful launch means we can look forward to the launch vehicle serving as a booster system in the future for cargo or astronauts to get to International Space Station, the moon or even Mars. Also, take a look at many planets in the night sky this week and on Tuesday night the moon will be passing in front of the star cluster Pleiades, also known as Seven Sisters.

Image Credit: NASA

Listen:Don’t forget to check out “No Night without a Telescope” going on at area universities. For more information visit:

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