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Upcoming Highlights

Wednesday, November 14th

11 a.m. Our guest, musician and writer, STEPHEN WADE, follows up on musicians and singers from the iconic Library of Congress field recordings from Southern Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta and the Great Plains in his new book, “The Beautiful Music All Around Us.” He interviewed their family members, neighbors and fellow musicians about the coal miner, schoolgirl, prisoner and itinerant fiddler, known to some of us through folklorist Alan Lomax’s recordings. Wade, a banjo player, also has released his own recordings, “Banjo Diary: Lessons from Tradition.” We’ll listen back to some of these old archive recordings, listen to some of  the folklorist’s new CD, and have him pick a tune or two in the studio with us.

Friday, November 16

11 a.m. Our guest, DANIEL OKRENT, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of “Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition,” looks at modern prohibition in the United States – the efficacy of the war on drugs. He’s curating the current National Constitution Center exhibit, American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, which runs through April 2013.

Monday, November 19
10 a.m. We check in with MARK ZANDI, Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics, on the economic recovery of the last four years. While both partisan sides criticize the effectiveness of the $800 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Zandi reports housing prices are stable, debt burdens are down and stock prices are up. But Europe’s continuing debt crisis keeps stoking feelings of vulnerability, and there still remains a lack of confidence to spend at home, a leftover of the 2008 financial crisis. Zandi has written a new book examining the Unites States strengthening financial system, “Paying the Price: Ending the Great Recession and Beginning a New American Century.”

Tuesday, November 20
11 a.m. Our guest, SAM SIFTON, the New York Times’ national editor and food columnist, may be one of the most qualified people in the United States to answer such burning questions as “To brine or not to brine?” or “stuffing in or out?” as he has talked cooks down from their kitchen aisles about what to do about their frozen turkeys and lumpy gravy. A former restaurant critic of the Times, he spent a couple Thanksgivings at the publications’ headquarters, answering last-minute, dire questions of their cooking readership. Sifton has prepared a recent book for public consumption, “Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well,” which includes not only cooking tips, but drink suggestions, clean-up plans and leftover ideas.

Wednesday, November 28

10 a.m. Daily News veteran reporter JOHN BAER comes in to discuss his life, “On the Front Lines of Pennsylvania Politics: Twenty-Five Years of Keystone Reporting.”