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Tuesday, August 22

Trump makes moves in Afghanistan

Audio for this story will be available at approximately 12 p.m.

Guests: Dan De Luce, Michael Kugelman, Marla Keenan

The war in Afghanistan is currently being overseen by its third presidential administration. After 16 years of trying to rid the country of Taliban influence, the U.S. is still trying to find a way to claim victory. On Monday night, President Trump announced his plans to send more troops to the country despite years of calling for a withdrawal of American fighters. Today, we discuss America’s longest war, how we can end it, and if a win is even possible. We’ll talk with DAN DE LUCE, Foreign Policy’s national security correspondent, and with MICHAEL KUGELMAN, deputy director and senior associate for South Asia at The Wilson Center. We’ll also talk about civilian casualties, and how American forces can reduce them, with MARLA KEENAN, managing director at Center for Civilians in Conflict at the Truman National Security Project.

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