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Saturday, August 1

Talking to kids about money: Ron Lieber’s ‘Opposite of Spoiled’

Guest: Ron Lieber

[From the Radio Times archive] Kids ask a lot of questions about money. Are we rich? How much money do you make? Why is our house so much smaller than my friend’s? So what’s the best way to teach them about money? Should you show your child your pay check, the heating bill, the credit card statement, the dinner check? New York Times “Your Money” columnist RON LIEBER thinks it’s very important to talk to your child about money early on and often, to teach them the value of money and about your values around money. He talks to Marty about his book, The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart about Money. They spoke earlier this year.

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Radio Times in Review: Poet’s edition

Guests: Ernest Hilbert, Nikky Finney, Rita Dove

On today’s show, we’ll hear from some of the more impressive poets who have joined us on Radio Times. We’ll hear from poet, composer, critic and Philadelphia-native ERNEST HILBERT. He joined Marty to discuss his spoken-word album Elegies and Laments. Social justice advocate and poet NIKKY FINNEY joined us to discuss her collection Head Off and Split, which went on to win the 2011 National Book Award. We’ll also hear a portion of Marty’s conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet RITA DOVE, recorded live at the Free Library of Philadelphia, where she discussed her book On the Bus with Rosa Parks.

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