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Wednesday, January 18

Following up with Trump voters; then, Mike Pence’s role

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Hour 1

Guests: Elanor, Klibanoff, Jessica Tirpak, Carolyn Bonkoski, Lynette Villano, Inga Saffron

We begin today’s show by following up with Donald Trump voters in advance of his inauguration on Friday.  First, we’ll listen to a piece from Keystone Crossroads a statewide public media initiative, heard on WHYY.  Their occasional series “I Voted for Trump,” reported by ELANOR KLIBINOFF.  We’ll then talk to three women who supported Trump throughout his campaign, JESSICA TIRPAK, best known for dressing her child as Trump at one of his rallies, as well as delegates CAROLYN BONKOSKI and LYNETTE VILLANO from Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district. Then, we’ll talk with CNN’s TOM LoBIANCO about the role Mike Pence has been playing in President-elect Trump’s transition effort.

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Learning a foreign language and preserving endangered ones

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Hour 2

Guests: Rosemary Feal, Ellen Bialystok, David Harrison

Americans are losing their foreign language fluency.  Fewer of us speak a second language with any proficiency.  This hour we’ll discuss why language requirements in schools have been declining and why learning a different language matters with ROSEMARY FEAL, executive director of the Modern Language Association of America.  Then we’ll talk with a York University’s ELLEN BIALYSTOK about the neurological benefits of being a bilingual or multilingual speaker.  We wrap up the hour talking with linguist DAVID HARRISON, a professor at Swarthmore College, who is trying to preserve the world’s endangered languages.

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