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Monday, December 5

Recovery at Germantown’s “Hollywood Beauty Salon”

Guests: Glenn Holsten, Rachel Carr Timms and Darlene Holmes Malone

We’ll go inside a beauty parlor that operates at a non-profit mental health program in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood, where staff and clients are both in the process of recovery. A new documentary, Hollywood Beauty Salon, was work-shopped at the beauty parlor over the course of four years. We’ll talk with director GLENN HOLSTEN and two women profiled in the film: salon operator RACHEL “Hollywood” CARR TIMMS, a psychiatric rehab practitioner, and DARLENE HOLMES MALONE, who’s dealt with abuse, depression and other mental health challenges.  

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Radio Times in Review: Native American boarding schools, “Impolite Conversations,” Eddie Glaude, Jr.

Guests: Louise Erdrich, Cora Daniels, John L. Jackson, Eddie Glaude, Jr.

Coming up on today’s edition of Radio Times in Review, we’ll hear about boarding schools for American Indians when we play a portion of Marty’s talk with novelist LOUISE ERDRICH.  She used her experiences growing up on a Native American reservation as an inspiration for her book, LaRose. We’ll also delve into uncomfortable topics and why discussing the taboo can help discourse among different perspectives.  Journalist CORA DANIELS and anthropologist JOHN L. JACKSON wrote about the importance of this in their book Impolite Conversations.  And, we’ll listen back to Marty’s discussion about race in America with Princeton University professor EDDIE GLAUDE, JR.  He joined us earlier this year when his book, Democracy in Black was published.

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