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Wednesday, February 10

New Hampshire primary analysis

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Hour 1

Guests:  Dante Scala, Maggie Haberman, Laura Meckler

Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders had big wins in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, the first primary in the nation.  Both candidates won handily over their challengers.  Ohio governor John Kasich finished second among in the Republican primary.  So what do these victories tell us about the candidates, their campaigns and the electorate?  Is New Hampshire unique or will these results shift the presidential race?   Marty talks about results, what they mean and the primaries ahead in South Carolina and Nevada with guests DANTE SCALA, associate professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire, MAGGIE HABERMAN, presidential campaign correspondent for The New York Times, and LAURA MECKLER, national politics reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

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State politics update, then Groucho the nihilist

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Hour 2

Guests: Angela Couloumbis, Lee Siegel

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf unveiled his budget proposal yesterday for the fiscal year of 2016-2017. Making this address different is the fact that the 2015-2016 budget still has yet to get approved by the legislature in a record-breaking gridlock. We’ll hear about Wolf’s latest plan and its implications when we speak with ANGELA COULOUMBIS of The Philadelphia Inquirer, who will also update us on the status of embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s law license. Then, Radio Times producer Jon Ehrens discusses the nihilism of Groucho Marx with author LEE SIEGEL, who argues that much of the existing analysis of the comedy of Groucho and his brothers is misguided in trying to peg meaning or political statements to their movies.

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