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Sunday, August 31

The science and art of motivating people

Guests: Adam Grant and Barry Schwartz

How do you get employees to work hard? Is it about a financial reward or simply the satisfaction of knowing they’ve done a good job? The same question can apply to school students and even your own children. What are the strategies that encourage people to do well, persevere, develop the drive to succeed and have passion for the task at hand?  Today we’ll talk about the art and science of motivation with  ADAM GRANT, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and BARRY SCHWARTZ, a psychology professor at Swarthmore College.

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Brando Skyhorse’s “Take This Man”

Hour Two

Guest: Brando Skyhorse

[From the Radio Times archive] Acclaimed author Brando Skyhorse’s new memoir, Take This Man, chronicles his tumultuous childhood in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park. Through the untruths of his eccentric mother, Skyhorse was led to believe that he was of Native American descent, and that his father was an imprisoned political activist. It was years before he found out the truth about his Mexican-American heritage, and the father who abandoned his family. BRANDO SKYHORSE joined us to discuss his life and his work for this hour of Radio Times this July.

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