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Tuesday, March 31

Documentaries and the line between journalism and entertainment

Hour 1

Guests: Jane Kirtley, Joe Berlinger

Sunday’s premier of HBO’s newest offering, “Going Clear,” marks the latest addition to the growing trend of popular documentaries. Previously, consumers had enjoyed the likes of WBEZ’s Serial podcast, as well as HBO’s “The Jinx” – both true crime narratives that resulted in real-life consequences for their subjects. Today, we discuss serialized and dramatized documentaries, and the blurry line between real-life, film, journalism, entertainment, and the law. We’re joined by JANE KIRTLEY, the Silha Professor of Media Ethics and Law at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. Also joining us is documentary filmmaker, JOE BERLINGER. He co-directed the “Paradise Lost” trilogy, which chronicled the conviction and court-battles of the so-called “West Memphis Three,” and was ultimately instrumental in overturning their conviction.

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Love the second (or third) time around

Hour 2
Guests: Helen Fisher and Pepper Schwartz

Americans are living longer and increasingly, after the loss of a loved one either by death or through divorce, older folks are looking for love again. But the decision to enter the dating scene can be complicated, especially since dating rules and rituals have changed. How do you meet someone online? What do you do about grown children who may not approve? And, of course, what about sex? This morning on Radio Times, it’s “love the second time around” with anthropologist HELEN FISHER and sociologist PEPPER SCHWARTZ.

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