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Friday, July 3

Akhil Reed Amar on “The Law of the Land”

Guest: Akhil Reed Amar

[From the Radio Times archive] How did Abraham Lincoln’s midwestern roots influence his views on slavery and secession? Does it matter that all of today’s Supreme Court justices were educated in the northeast? Legal scholar AKHIL REED AMAR says regionalism is central to our nation’s history. In his new book The Law of the Land: A Grand Tour of Our Constitutional Republic, Amar looks at how geography and federalism have shaped our U.S. laws and justice from the Civil War to today. Marty spoke with him earlier this year.

Image: Mr.TinDC

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Buffy Sainte-Marie on her life & music

Guest: Buffy Sainte-Marie

[From the Radio Times archive] North American-Indian singer-songwriter and political activist BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE joins Marty to discuss her life, her career, and her new album, Power in the Blood. She spoke with Sainte-Marie earlier this year.

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