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Friday, November 21

A Conversation on the State of Young Philadelphia; Obama’s Immigration Plans

Hour 1

Guests: Laura Meckler, Ben Stango, Michelle Freeman, and Kellan White

Over the course of the past week, the 2014 State of Young Philly series has been in full swing. Panels, discussions, and other events aimed toward bringing young Philadelphians together have focused on their hopes for the future of the city, especially as they look ahead to the 2015 mayoral elections. In this hour of Radio Times, we’ll have a conversation on the state of young Philadelphia with community builder BEN STANGO, MICHELLE FREEMAN, the head of Witty Gritty and publisher of Flying Kite Media, and KELLAN WHITE, the community engagement and special project manager for Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown. But first, we talk to the Wall Street Journal’s LAURA MECKLER about President Obama’s immigration policy, the Republican reaction, and the risks for both parties. Last night he laid out his executive action plan on immigration which includes protection from deportation for five million undocumented immigrants. The Republicans have promised to use their Congressional majority in January to fight the plan.

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Bennett Miller’s New Film “Foxcatcher”

Guests: Bennett Miller, Nancy Schultz

[From the Radio Times archive] The highly anticipated film “Foxcatcher” hits theaters in a couple weeks. It depicts the true story of Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz’s murder by John du Pont on his Newtown Square estate outside Philadelphia. The film is directed by BENNETT MILLER and has received rave reviews, particularly for Steve Carell’s portrayal of paranoid millionaire du Pont. Bennett’s previous films, “Capote” and “Moneyball,” have also been critically acclaimed. Miller talks to Marty about “Foxcatcher” and his filmmaking. We’ll also hear from NANCY SCHULTZ, the widow of Dave Schultz. Marty spoke with them earlier this month.

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