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Saturday, October 22

Patti Niemi’s path from Juilliard to the orchestra pit

Guests: Patti Niemi and Christopher Deviney

Marty talks with percussionist PATTI NIEMI about her memoir ‘Sticking It Out,’ about her path from Juilliard to the orchestra pit and why she chose to play the drums instead of the flute. Niemi, a member of the percussion section of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, will be joined in studio by her boyfriend, Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Percussionist CHRISTOPHER DEVINEY, to talk about their relationship and their lives as professional musicians.

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Radio Times in Review: monkey business!

Guests: Frans de Waal, Daniel Smith, Francine Prose

On today’s show, monkey business! First, we’ll hear from primatologist FRANS de WAAL about the morality of apes, and how their behavior gives us a better understanding of how humans have developed our notions of what’s right and what’s wrong.  We’ll also hear Marty’s interview with DANIEL SMITH, who wrote about living with anxiety in his book Monkey Mind. The book has been praised for its accurate portrayal of living and anxious life with humor and bravery.  Lastly, we’ll listen to Marty’s conversation with FRANCINE PROSE, author of the new novel Mister Monkey.  The book is a humorous account of an off-off-off Broadway production and pokes fun at the world of theater.

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