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Saturday, November 1

The way we shop now: Halloween, Apple Pay and Amazon vs. Walmart

Guests: Kathy Grannis, Mike Issac and Shelly Banjo

Halloween is about more than ghouls, ghosts and candy. It’s grown into a huge industry and American consumers are expected to spend $7.4 billion this year to celebrate. KATHY GRANNIS from the National Retail Federation talks to us about where all the money goes and what it all means for the upcoming holiday season. Then, Apple Pay went live last week. We’ll get a review of the cashless system and hear why some retailers aren’t all that thrilled about it from MIKE ISSAC, tech reporter at the New York Times. Finally, Walmart is scaling down the number and size of its stores and moving to e-commerce while Amazon is considering opening retail outlets. SHELLY BANJO of the Wall Street Journal explains the battle between Walmart and Amazon what it says about the way we shop now.

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WHYY Election Special Hosted by Dave Davies

In lieu of our normal Radio Times programming, this hour we are featuring the WHYY/NewsWorks “Election 2014″ special hosted by Dave Davies.

WHYY’s “Election 2014″ takes you in depth into the major issues in this year’s governor’s race and big congressional races.

We look at the candidates’ proposals on taxes, energy, and education, and at the leadership styles and records of Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf.

We talk with a former campaign operative who trailed former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell for an opposing campaign, and we examine the now common campaign practice of targeted advertising.

We also assess how the next governor is going to be able to get things done with the Pennsylvania legislature.

And we profile what looks to be one of the most competitive congressional races in the region: the contest between Aimee Belgard and Tom MacArthur in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district.


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