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Thursday, August 25

The great immigration debate

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Hour 1

Guests: William Stock, Rich Lowry

When Donald Trump announced his bid for president, he made headlines for his claim that he would build a wall along the Mexican border and make the Mexican government pay for it.  Over a year later, that line still gets a huge response at his rallies.  But in order to save his slipping poll numbers, there may be cause to soften his anti-immigration rhetoric in order to catch up to Hillary Clinton.  Aside from his comments about Mexicans, Trump has also made claims about blocking Muslims and Syrian refugees from entering the country.  Immigration has long played a role in politics and this year our two main candidates have taken vastly different approaches to the issue.  This hour, we’ll hear from WILLIAM STOCK, the new president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and RICH LOWRY, editor of The National Review, to get their takes on the great immigration debate.

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“I Contain Multitudes” — on microbes and our microbiome; Hiring undocumented immigrants

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Hour 2

Guests: Ed Yong,

For centuries humankind has been waging a war against microbes – the bacteria, viruses, archaea and fungus that live in and all around us.  But now scientists are beginning to understand that microbes play a critical and often beneficial role in our lives and the lives of all species on Earth. Science writer ED YONG has written a new book on this hidden world called I Contain Multitudes: the Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life.  He tells Radio Times producer Debbie Bilder about these remarkable creatures, animal-microbe partnerships and how our microbiomes effect our cells, immune system, mood, weight and much, much more.  Then, producer Elizabeth Fiedler talks with JAVIER GARCIA HERNANDEZ, one of owners of Mexcon, a local construction company that hires undocumented immigrants.

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