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Thursday, August 21

Writer Robert Draper on the “Libertarian Moment”

In the August 7th issue of the New York Times Magazine, ROBERT DRAPER wrote about Libertarian politics in an article titled “Has the Libertarian Moment Finally Arrived?” He argues that it’s particularly younger voters who are fueling interest in free-market economics and less intrusion of government in their lives evidenced by support for gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana. He also points to the rise in popularity of Republican Rand Paul whose Libertarian leanings could help attract voters to the Republican Party. Draper joins us today as part of our new weekly election coverage “Ballot Talks.”

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The Simpsons takeover

Hour 2

Guests: David Bianculli, Karma Waltonen, Michael Price

Today, the FXX network begins its 276 hour-long marathon of every episode of The Simpsons ever.  This is to commemorate the launch of the expansive SimpsonsWorld application, which will provide access to every episode, as well as a searchable database of the show’s transcripts.  Today, we discuss the 25 year-old series, its impact on American culture, and why it merits such an expansive service.  We’re joined by DAVID BIANCULLI, television critic for WHYY’s Fresh Air and founder of, KARMA WALTONEN,  lecturer at UC Davis’s University Writing Program and co-author of The Simpsons in the Classroom: Embiggening the Learning Experience with the Wisdom of Springfield, and Simpsons writer and co-executive producer, MICHAEL PRICE.

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