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Sunday, May 24

Go there alone

Guests: Stephanie Rosenbloom, Roberto Ferdman, Kristin Newman

Have you ever traveled by yourself? With no significant others, children, or family members to share the experience with? The solo vacation is on the rise, with 24 percent of overseas travelers going companion-free in 2014. Today on Radio Times, we discuss the increasing popularity of solo travel and some of the advantages of going there alone. We’ll talk with “The Getaway” columnist for The New York Times, STEPHANIE ROSENBLOOM, about why solo sojourning is on the rise, and who has been undertaking such ventures. Then, we’ll speak with writer KRISTIN NEWMAN, author of What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding, and with The Washington Post’s ROBERTO FERDMAN, about the perks of traveling alone and why the idea shouldn’t terrify you so much.

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Radio Times in Review: Memorial Day edition

Guests: Roy Scranton, Matt Gallagher, Dan Sheehan, Elyse Fenton

Today, we bring you a special Memorial Day edition of the show, where we’ll highlight some of Marty’s best conversations about those who have fought on the frontlines, and about the personal toll of combat. First, we’ll hear from two veterans of the US Army, ROY SCRANTON and MATT GALLAGHER, who decided fiction was fit to convey the hard truths about life as a soldier. The two co-edited a book of stories called Fire and Forget. We’ll also listen back to Marty’s interview with Marine DAN SHEEHAN, who chronicled his experience going from Cobra pilot, back to civilian, in his book After Action. And, we’ll hear from Philadelphia poet ELYSE FENTON. Her husband served as a medic in the Iraq War, which she used as the basis for her Dylan Thomas Award-winning book of poetry entitled Clamor.

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One-on-one with Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates

As the Philadelphia Democratic mayoral primary race enters its final weeks, Marty talks with each of the candidates about their campaigns and the issues facing the city.

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