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Friday, September 19

Primary care shortages

Hour 1

Guests: Richard Baron, Ann O’Sullivan, Julie Rovner

Have you had trouble finding a primary care doctor?  While both urban and rural areas have been struggling with primary care shortages for many years, experts warn that these shortages will grow to at least 50,000 over the next decade.  This hour, we look at the need for primary care medicine and how to meet the growing patient demand as boomers age and more Americans become insured under the Affordable Care Act.  Guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan talks with RICHARD BARON, President and CEO of the American Board of Internal Medicine, ANN O’SULLIVAN, professor of primary care nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and JULIE ROVNER, Senior correspondent of Kaiser Health News.


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Foraging food

Hour 2

Guests: Tama Matsuoka Wong, Patrick Hurley

Before you throw out those weeds in your backyard, take another look! They might make a delicious meal.  Foraging for wild edibles like dandelion, foxtail, and sumac, is growing in popularity around the country, even in urban settings. Today we talk about the trend of foraging for food and the role it can play in conservation efforts.  We’ll also discuss the do’s and don’ts when gathering food from wild places and we’ll give you some tasty recipes for cooking with native and invasive plants.  Guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan talks with PATRICK HURLEY, associate professor of environmental studies and chair at Ursinus College who studies urban foraging, and TAMA MATSUOKA WONG, the professional forager and author of Foraged Flavor.

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