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Tuesday, January 24

Steven Johnson, “Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World”

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Hour 1

Guests: Steven Johnson

In his new book, Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World, STEVEN JOHNSON argues that fun and leisure have led to the innovations that have shaped our current age.  He uses examples throughout history, from medieval times to the 19th century, to illustrate just how technological advancements in entertainment were instrumental in the direction the world has gone, and how paying attention to these areas will help predict our future. Johnson is the host and co-creator of the PBS series How We Got to Now, and he joins Marty this hour to discuss his work, his research, and his new book.

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Psychosomatic illness

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Hour 2

Guest: Suzanne O’Sullivan

Your co-worker says she feels sick. “It might be the flu,” she wonders aloud.  Suddenly your stomach starts to turn, you feel achy and you get the chills. Most of us have experienced moments like this, when our mind briefly tricks us into feeling sick. But for some, the power of psychosomatic illness is far more debilitating.  The patients that neurologist SUZANNE O’SULLIVAN has seen over the years suffer from seizures, paralysis, severe pain, and blindness, with no medically explained cause.  O’Sullivan explores these cases and the little understood disorder in her book Is It All in Your Head?  True Stories of Imaginary Illness.

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