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Tuesday, September 27

Clinton vs. Trump: round 1

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the debate hall at Hofstra University

Hour 1

Guests: Kelly Dittmar, Michael Hagen

In this hour, we’ll discuss Monday nights presidential debate, the first of the general election. We’ll be joined by two local political science professors; KELLY DITTMAR of Rutgers University and MICHAEL HAGEN of Temple University.

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Polling the electorate

Guests: Sam Wang, Chris Borick

This year’s election cycle has defied any that has come before.  To try and understand it all, one place where we look for solace is in election polls.  We’ve seen these elusive numbers shift on an almost weekly basis, adding to the confusion of what exactly is happening.  In this hour of Radio Times, host Mary Cummings-Jordan discusses political polling, how it’s conducted, how accurate polls are in predicting the outcomes of an election, and why the 2016 cycle has bucked conventional logic. We’re joined by SAM WANG,  professor of neuroscience at Princeton University.  He developed the Princeton Election Consortium which tracks a variety of polls to predict election outcomes. We’ll also be joined by professor of political science and pollster CHRIS BORICK of Muhlenberg College.

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