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Friday, May 27

Sebastian Junger on “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging”

Guest: Sebastian Junger

In his new book, Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, journalist and documentary filmmaker SEBASTIAN JUNGER explores the important and protective role that  tight-knit communities play for soldiers during their deployment and how the absence of tribal life effects them when they return home. Junger argues that our increasingly divided society harms veterans’ health and may explain the high rates of PTSD among service members.  Junger has covered a number of combat zones and has made a series of documentaries following a U.S. platoon in Afghanistan, the first directed with his late friend Tim Hetherington is “Restrepo.”  He also wrote The Perfect Storm.  He talks with guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan this hour about the human impulse for tribalism.

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Radio Times in Review: novelist Stewart O’Nan, writer Sherman Alexie, Team Foxcatcher

Guests: Stewart O’Nan, Sherman Alexie, Bennett Miller, Nancy Schultz

Coming up on today’s edition of Radio Times in Review: We’ll hear Marty’s conversation with novelist STEWART O’NAN.  He joined Marty last year to talk about his book West of Sunset, and his new book, City of Secrets came out last month. Then, author SHERMAN ALEXIE, who’s just published a new children’s book called Light Up the Sky with Thunder Boy Jr. which takes inspiration from his own childhood as a Native American. Also, a new documentary on Netflix called Team Foxcatcher delves into home videos and other footage to detail the life and mind of John DuPont. The Newtown Square scion became a benefactor for Olympic athletes who eventually murdered his brightest star, wrestler David Shultz.  Marty talked about the incident and when she was joined by BENNETT MILLER, who directed the film Foxcatcher which dramatized the events, and David Shultz’s wife NANCY SCHULTZ, who produced the film and the new documentary.

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