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Monday, November 24

Shane Harris on cyber war

Guest: Shane Harris

In his new book @War, SHANE HARRIS explains how the modern battlefields of war have moved into the digital realm. Harris, a senior correspondent for The Daily Beast, traces the build-up of the “military-internet complex” from 9/11 to present and the partnership between the Defense Department, the NSA, private defense contractors, financial institutions and telecommunications companies. He also raises the disturbing questions about how this cyber war is affecting American citizens as the revelations of NSA mass surveillance demonstrated. Marty talks to Harris about the cyber warfare and the balance between surveillance and security.

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Modern mourning

Guests: Meghan O’Rourke, Rebecca Soffer, and Caleb Wilde

The rules around death and mourning used to be tightly prescribed — from how funerals were conducted to the way we grieved. But in recent years, many people, particularly younger generations, are changing the rituals and personalizing them. And through the Internet and social networking sites, they are mourning and memorializing their loved ones in new and more public ways. Today we look at the evolving rituals about death and loss with REBECCA SOFFER, co-founder of website Modern Loss, CALEB WILDE, a funeral director and blogger, and MEGHAN O’ROURKE, poet and author of the memoir A Long Goodbye.

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