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Monday, March 30

The effect of immigration on jobs; why jobs are moving away from where people live

Guests: Adam Davidson, Natalie Holmes

President Obama’s executive action on immigration is facing challenges from Congress and there’s a lawsuit filed by 26 states. One of the most common charges against immigration is that immigrants take jobs away from Americans, particularly working-class Americans. But in his recent New York Times Magazine column “It’s the Economy,” ADAM DAVIDSON debunked that myth. We’ll hear from Davidson, who is also the co-host of NPR’s Planet Money, on why he believes immigrants help, not hurt, the economy. Then, how long is your commute? A new Brookings Institution report found that jobs are moving out of metro areas and farther away from where people live. Marty talks with NATALIE HOLMES, co-author of the Brookings report, about the impact this is having on jobs, suburban sprawl and the poor.

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

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Elliot Ackerman’s debut novel “Green on Blue”

Guest: Elliot Ackerman

ELLIOT ACKERMAN served eight years in the military as both an infantry and special operations officer in the United States Marine Corps. During that time, he earned a Silver Star and Purple Heart for his role leading a rifle platoon in the November 2004 Battle of Fallujah, as well as Bronze Star for Valor while leading a Marine Corps Special Operations Team in Afghanistan in 2008. In this hour of Radio Times, he joins us to discuss his debut novel Green on Blue. Deemed an “unusual” first novel, the story is told from the point of view of Aziz, a young Afghan orphan. Ackerman details the struggles Aziz and his brother Ali face as they lose their parents and are caught in the middle of a war-torn Afghanistan in which US forces have invaded and engaged Afghan militias. We’ll hear from Ackerman about his novel, his time in the Marines Corps, and more.

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