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Thursday, October 30

Ballot Talks: Local elections preview

Hour 1

Guests: Will Bunch, Brigid Harrison

It’s the final edition of Ballot Talks before the midterm elections. A new poll from Franklin and Marshall College shows incumbent Tom Corbett gaining some ground, but a victory against Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf is still considered a long-shot. The House race for New Jersey’s vacant 3rd District seat isn’t as close as Democrats would have hoped, where Republican Tom MacArthur holds a ten point lead according to the latest polls. This hour, we’re joined by WILL BUNCH, who authors the Attytood blog for the Philadelphia Daily News, as well as BRIGID HARRISON, professor of political science at Montclair State University, with one last look at these races and other regional elections before voters head to the polls on Tuesday.

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Katha Pollitt on her book “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights”

Guest: Katha Pollitt

Abortion is one of the most furiously-fought issues in our country although it’s been legal for over four decades. Twenty-one percent of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion but few women are willing to admit to having had one. Writer KATHA POLLITT wants to reset the way we talk and think about abortion. In her book Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, Pollitt takes a hard look at the abortion debate — why it’s so contentious and why abortion proponents seem to be losing ground. Pollitt argues that abortion is a human right and a social good and proponents shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to say so.

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