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Friday, October 28

Casting a ballot: distrust and security in our voting system

Guests: Ryan Godrey, Lorraine Minnite, David Wilson

Since candidate Trump did not declare that he would accept the election results when questioned at the third presidential debate, much has been made about the electorates trust in the process of voting.  Between hacking, accuracy, fraud, and a ‘rigged system,’ many citizens, including half of Donald Trump’s voters, do not believe the results will reflect the will of the people.  And Philadelphia in particular has been a flashpoint in this claim, as skeptical members of the GOP often question the fact that Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote in some Philly precincts. Today, we’ll talk with Philadelphia elections official, RYAN GODFREY, about the processes that are in place to prevent voter fraud and about his observations from elections past. Then, are Americans losing faith in our democracy? Marty talks with two political scientists, DAVID WILSON, of the University of Delaware, and LORRAINE MINNITE, from Rutgers University-Camden, about that and the charges of voter fraud and “rigging” in our elections.

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The human toll of the long haul trucking industry

Guests: Steve Viscelli and Ellen Voie

The trucking industry has changed a lot over the decades. It was once a steady, decent paying jobs but it has become a grueling gig in which truckers spend weeks on the road away from home, living out of their trucks and often working the equivalent of two full-time jobs, for little more than minimum wage. We’ll hear about the impact of industry deregulation, the daily life of truckers now, and the toll the job takes on truckers’ bodies and relationships. Radio Times Producer Elizabeth Fiedler sat down with STEVE VISCELLI, to talk about the dozens of interviews he conducted for his new book “The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream”. Viscelli’s also a sociologist, a Fox Family pavilion scholar, and a Senior Fellow at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. Then, we’ll be joined live by ELLEN VOIE, President and CEO of the “Women In Trucking Association,” to talk about why the non-profit organization encourages more women to join the industry, and the obstacles they face.

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