Radio Times

On ‘identity politics’

September 7, 2017

Guests: Imani Perry, Linda Hirshman, Briahna Joy Gray

Political observers and operatives alike are still piecing together how President Trump was able to pull off his surprising victory last year. In particular, the Democrats and other factions on the left are wondering how to shift the party’s messaging to expand their base and appeal to more of the American electorate. Some have faulted the Clinton campaign’s focus on so-called “identity politics.” The term refers to the political strategy of appealing to groups to which people identify – such as racial groups, gender, or sexual identity –  to form a coalition of voters. On today’s show, we’ll discuss if the Democrats have been focusing too much on appealing to voters identities.  Marty will be joined by, IMANI PERRY, professor of African American studies at Princeton University, LINDA HIRSHMAN, who writes about social movements, and by BRIAHNA JOY GRAY, co-host of the SWOTI Podcast who writes for Current Affairs and Paste Magazine.

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