Radio Times

Radio Times in Review: an American history edition

September 16, 2016

Hour 2

Guests: Dan Flores, Richard Beeman, Heather Ann Thompson

On this week’s edition of Radio Times in Review: we devote the hour to different points in American history.  First, we talk coyotes, and the part they played in the American prairie when we listen back to Mary-Cummings-Jordan’s interview with DAN FLORES, author of Coyote America.  We’ll also hear about the contentiousness of the first and second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and the differing viewpoints on what American independence should look like.  Historian RICHARD BEEMAN, who joined us to discuss the lead up to July 4th, 1776, died last week. Finally, we’ll listen Marty’s conversation with historian HEATHER ANN THOMPSON, whose new book, Blood in the Water, revisits the violent uprising that took place at Attica Correctional Facility in 1971.  We discussed how the event shaped civil rights and mass incarceration.

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