Radio Times

John duPont and the Foxcatcher murder

May 29, 2014

Guests: Bill Ordine, Harlan Jacobson, Joe McGettigan, Nancy Schultz

The new film, “Foxcatcher,” about the murder of Olympic gold medal wrestler Dave Schultz by John duPont won the best director prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.   Schultz was killed on January 26, 1996 on duPont’s 800-acre estate in Delaware County.  The tragic event captivated the region and the nation.  We’ll look back at Schultz’s murder, duPont’s trial and conviction and the mystery surrounding his motives.  Guests include BILL ORDINE, a writer and reporter who covered the case when he was at The Philadelphia Inquirer and has co-authored a book about it,  HARLAN JACOBSON, film critic and host of TalkCinema, JOE MCGETTIGAN, an attorney who co-prosecuted John duPont for Schultz’s murder, and NANCY SCHULTZ, the wife of Dave Schultz.

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