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Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation Barry Schoch

May 1, 2014

Guest: Barry Schoch

This winter was rough on the roads. The freeze and thaw left thousands of potholes littered all around over our region making driving treacherous at times.¬† Bridges across Pennsylvania are also in need of repair ‚Äď over 4200 have been labeled ‚Äústructurally deficient.‚ÄĚ ¬†None of this is news to Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation BARRY SCHOCH. ¬†But luckily, Schoch got his transportation spending bill passed in November which should bring billions in funding to fixing our deteriorating roads and bridges over the next few years. ¬†Today, Marty sits down with Schoch to talk to him about the state of Pennsylvania‚Äôs infrastructure and new projects in the works.



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