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What women want when it comes to sex

July 23, 2013

Guests:  Daniel Bergner and Meredith Chivers

When it comes to traditional ideas about sex, we’ve tended to see men as being hard-wired to roam and play the field. Women, on the other hand, are cast as security-seekers who crave emotional connection and commitment in their sex lives. A new book, What Do Women Want? by the New York Times Magazine writer and author DANIEL BERGNER challenges those gender stereotypes. Drawing on extensive research by behavioral scientists, sexologists, psychologists and women themselves, Bergner questions how we view the female experience of sex. Do women actually desire monogamy, as social norms have long suggested, or are they just as animal as men – if not more so – when it comes to sex? Are women nature’s true pleasure seekers and sexual aggressors, contrary to popular belief? What is it that really turns women on?He’s with us in the studio along with MEREDITH CHIVERS, a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada where her research focuses on sexual behavior and gender concerns.

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