Radio Times

Rutgers athletics and the business of college sports

June 4, 2013

Guests: Steve Eder, Karen Weaver

Rutgers University has once again come under fire with the hiring of its new Director of Athletics, Julie Hermann. Accused of verbally abusing athletes in her former position as a volleyball coach, Hermann arrives at the school facing a host of questions about her competence and ability to lead. This most recent personnel decision out of Rutgers, along with the firing of basketball coach Mike Rice and Director of Athletics Tim Pernetti, has led many to question the school’s decision-making when it comes to its athletics program. Joining us to explain the most recent developments at the school is STEVE EDER, a reporter from the New York Times. We are also joined by KAREN WEAVER of Drexel University, who will discuss the business of college sports and the various pressures schools face when managing an athletics department.

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