Radio Times

Oklahoma tornado recovery

May 23, 2013

Guests: Rachel Hubbard, William Coulbourne, David Martin

The search for victims is over and recovery work has begun in Moore and parts of Oklahoma City after Monday’s tornado that killed at least 24 people including 10 children. With winds over 200 miles per hour, the tornado was classified as an EF5, the highest category, and razed thousands of homes, causing an estimated $2 billion in damages.  This hour, we get an update on the Oklahoma communities devastated by the storm.  First, KOSU associate director RACHEL HUBBARD tells Marty how residents are coping with the disaster. Then, structural engineer WILLIAM COULBOURNE discusses safe shelter construction.  Can you build a home to withstand tornado force winds and flying debris?  And finally, urban search and rescue.  DAVID MARTIN, Program Director of Rescue Training at the Emergency Services Training Institute explains the process of extracting victims from rubble to using sniffer dogs.

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