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Debating gun regulation

April 11, 2013


Firearm background checks may expand to include online purchases, guns bought at shows and through private sales. A bi-partisan bill was announced yesterday sponsored by Senators Joe Manchin III (D-West Virginia) and Patrick J. Toomey (R-Pennsylvania). Both senators get high marks from the NRA, which opposes expanding background checks, although in recent polling 91% Americans support universal background checks. Historically background checks are only required by federally licensed gun dealers. Today, the Senate will hold a procedural vote to set the stage of a debate on gun control.  Today we’ll examine the politics behind the debate in Washington, hear from a gun owner for stronger firearm regulations, and get a public health perspective on gun violence. We’ll talk to JOHN GRAMLICH, legal affairs reporter for CQ Roll Call; BOB CAVNAR; a Huffington Post blogger who concealed handgun license holder; and GAREN J. WINTEMUTE, Director of the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program.

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