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The Inauguration and Obama’s next term

January 22, 2013

Yesterday President Obama was sworn into his ¬†second term as commander in chief of the United States , something that has only happened to 16 other U.S. Presidents. ¬†The inaugural ceremony, though full of pomp and pageantry, didn’t ¬†carry the ¬†excitement of his first historic victory. ¬†With four years behind him, a still sluggish economy , one war ending, the passage of a health care law and numerous battles with a partisan Congress, what’s ahead for President Obama in his second term? ¬†What lessons has he learned and will it change the way he leads? ¬† And how does this inaugural ceremony stake up against those of the past? ¬† ¬†Our guests are JAMES HILTY, Professor Emeritus of History at Temple University, JAMES PETERSON, Director of Africana Studies at Lehigh University, and SHIRLEY ANNE WARSHAW, a professor of Political Science at Gettysburg College.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

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