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The rise of part-time workers

November 13, 2012

According to New York Times reporter STEVEN GREENHOUSE, since 2006, the U.S. has cut a million full-time jobs while adding more than 500,000 part-time jobs.¬† While the increasing use of part-time workers, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors, has advantages for employers, it presents numerous challenges for those who work on a reduced-hour schedule including lower wages, unpredictability, and the lack of health benefits.¬† ¬†In this hour of Radio Times, we’ve invited Steven Greenhouse¬† to join us to help us understand this new trend in the workplace, how businesses have come to embrace it and what the “part-time life” means to those who are living it.¬† He wrote about it all in a recent edition of The New York Times. We’ll also talk to University of Chicago professor SUSAN LAMBERT about how part-time work impacts women and how reforms in employment law might better protect them.

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