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Facts, lies and the 2012 election

November 9, 2012

Hour 1

In a presidential election where each candidate accused the other of playing lose with the facts, in the end each campaign, to some degree, was guilty of misrepresenting the truth.¬†¬†¬† As a result, what we saw was an unprecedented rise in journalists turning into fact checkers in print, online, and on television and radio.¬†¬† They had to work harder and faster to keep up with the false claims, exaggerations and downright lies that shaped the political discourse.¬† But were their efforts effective and did they make a difference?¬† Did the public pay any attention and do voters even care about the facts?¬† And why and how can politicians get away with it?¬†¬† In this hour of Radio Times we’ll talk about political facts vs. lies and what we can do to demand accuracy and honesty in politics.¬† Our guest is Dartmouth professor of government BRENDAN NYHAN.

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