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The 2012 election– looking back and forward

November 7, 2012

Hour 1

Who won?  By how big a margin?  Did voters turn out?  Did the swing states swing?  By all accounts, the 2012 presidential election was the most expensive and among the most contentious in history.  The race was defined by two crucial questions — how to heal a broken economy and what role should government play in our lives. And now that the votes have been cast what do we have to look forward to over the next four years?  In this hour of Radio Times we’ll take a critical look at the 2012 election — the campaigns, the parties, the winners, the losers and what it all tells us about future.  For our post-election analysis we turn to DAVID MARK, editor in chief of Politix, and Princeton University professor JULIAN ZELIZER.

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AP Photo/Jerome Delay

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