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Election 2012 and the state of political journalism

October 25, 2012

Hour 1

Where do you turn to get information about the 2012 presidential campaign?¬† Is it the cable TV networks that affirm your political leanings, the radio, a local or national newspaper, an online news site, or the twitter feeds of your go-to journalists, pundits or politicians?¬†¬† What do you value most from political reporting and are you getting the information you need for the November election?¬† In this hour of Radio Times we’ll take a critical look at the media coverage in this year’s presidential race — the mainstream media as well as social media outlets.¬† We’ll talk about post-debate reporting, horse race journalism, the responsibility of journalists to fact-check, and how traditional and digital journalism is interacting with and relying on each other for content.¬†¬† Marty talks to two guests — GARANCE FRANKE-RUTA of The Atlantic and WALTER SHAPIRO of Yahoo News and Columbia Journalism Review.

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Photo Credit: AP Images / Rick Bowmer

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