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Election 2012 and the state of political journalism

October 25, 2012

Hour 1

Where do you turn to get information about the 2012 presidential campaign?  Is it the cable TV networks that affirm your political leanings, the radio, a local or national newspaper, an online news site, or the twitter feeds of your go-to journalists, pundits or politicians?   What do you value most from political reporting and are you getting the information you need for the November election?  In this hour of Radio Times we’ll take a critical look at the media coverage in this year’s presidential race — the mainstream media as well as social media outlets.  We’ll talk about post-debate reporting, horse race journalism, the responsibility of journalists to fact-check, and how traditional and digital journalism is interacting with and relying on each other for content.   Marty talks to two guests — GARANCE FRANKE-RUTA of The Atlantic and WALTER SHAPIRO of Yahoo News and Columbia Journalism Review.

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Photo Credit: AP Images / Rick Bowmer

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