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Presidential election 2012: The foreign policy debate

October 23, 2012

Hour 1

Until now, the 2012 presidential election campaign has been mostly about the economy, but last night’s third and final presidential debate focused on foreign policy — the U.S. role in an increasingly complicated and volatile Middle East, the ending of the war in Afghanistan, the military budget and trade issues related to China.  It was expected that Mitt  Romney would hammer President Obama on the question of how his administration handled recent events in Libya.  Obama’s objective, on the other hand, was to show the American voters that he has proven himself as a successful commander in chief while Romney is completely unproven when it comes to America’s position in the world.  The stakes were high and in this hour of Radio Times we’ll turn to TRUDY RUBIN, Worldview columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and ED TURZANSKI of the Foreign Policy Research Institute to talk about this important debate and its outcome.

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