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Fracking, natural gas & energy issues in political campaigns

October 18, 2012

Hour 1

Energy issues, including natural gas extraction in the Marcellus Shale region, are a big issue in Pennsylvania, and a factor in political campaigns across the commonwealth and the presidential race. On today’s Radio Times, we catch up with the StateImpactPA team, reporters SCOTT DETROW and SUSAN PHILLIPS, to hear about Pennsylvania’s natural-gas impact fee; the state’s legacy of abandoned oil wells complicating the underground landscape; “clean coal,” and the court challenge underway now about local control over regulating fracking, and more. Then, we’ll be joined by POLITICO White House reporter DARREN SAMUELSOHN, a longtime energy and the environment reporter, for a look at energy issues in the presidential race.

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Photo Credit: AP Images / Matt Rourke

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