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New Dinosaur Discoveries

December 19, 2011

From the new exhibit "Giant Mysterious Dinosaurs" at the Franklin Institute (photo by Darryl W. Moran)

Hour 2

It’s not only kids who are captivated by dinosaurs – the idea that gigantic reptiles walked the Earth over 65 million years ago is pretty awe inspiring. Of course, they weren’t all giants – some were only the size of chickens. Today we’re talking about dinosaurs and highlighting some fascinating recent finds. We’ll look at new theories about their size – why they got so big – and about their true colors. We’ll also learn about the thrill of digging up and discovering fossils from two dinosaur devotees. PETER DODSON is a paleontologist at the University of Pennsylvania and has discovered and named a number of dinosaurs. DON LESSEM is a dinosaur educator and author.  He is the curator of the new exhibit  “Giant Mysterious Dinosaurs” at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

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