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Merging the Princetons; Reviving the American Dream & SCOTUS Takes on Health Care

November 16, 2011

Voters in Princeton Borough and Township voted to merge on Nov. 8 (Eugene Sonn/ For NewsWorks)

Hour 2

Last week, voters in Princeton Township and Princeton Borough voted to merge into one entity called Princeton. This was the fourth time in 50 years that a consolidation plan was taken to the voters.  KRYSTAL KNAPP from joins us to talk about what was different this time.  Then, in her cover story in this week’s Time Magazine, writer RANA FOROOHAR asks “What Happened to Upward Mobility?” and why it’s so hard to get ahead in America. Finally, Penn Law professor TED RUGER joins us to explain why the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to President Obama’s 2010 health care law and what is at stake.

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