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The state of the world’s oceans with David Guggenheim

October 4, 2011

Hour 1

In his blog post on Earth Day 2011, marine scientist David Guggenheim wrote about a little known ship wreck in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean that wreaked environmental havoc around Tristan da Cuhna, a volcanic group of island located 1,500 miles from Cape Town South Africa.¬† The islands are a “bird-lovers dream” and as a result of¬† the wreck, tons of heavy crude spilled into the ocean threatening the population of rockhopper penguins, an endangered species that has been dramatically declining since the 1950’s.¬†¬† Guggenheim used this story and his work there to highlight the growing concern among environmentalists that such incidents are having a dramatic impact on the health the world’s oceans.¬† He is also involved in similar efforts in the Gulf of Mexico where is working on a recovery project in New Orleans to design¬† and create a sustainable acquaculture that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil spill.¬†¬† Guggenheim is the founder of of 1 Ocean, 1 Planet and is a Senior Fellow at the Ocean Foundation. He is currently on a 50-state tour to develop an interest in ocean exploration and conservation among young people.¬† He joins us in the studio to talk about the state of the world’s oceans.

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