The Baseball Project

The Baseball Project, composed of Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon, formed in 2007. The performers came together from discussions between McCaughey and Wynn at R.E.M.’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Baseball Project writes and performs a winning collection of songs about the game’s greats that will be pleasing to those who love America’s pastime — and fans of intelligent, melodic and fun rock. (note: Sal Maida of the band Cracker replaced Peter Buck on bass for this On Canvas feature performance)

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  • Greg Franco

    I love these guys!! Thanks!

  • Lisa Gray

    Hi Greg, Thanks for your enthusiasm about this band! These musicians are from various other top bands, who have been brought together by there love of baseball. They say there are endless stories to tell, so it gives them lots of material for songwriting. Thanks for watching On Canvas, and for letting us know which show(s) really grabbed your attention! Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

  • David Marshall

    Big thumbs up for the BBP. I too love this band!

  • Brendan

    Caught most of the show last evening – loved it! Combined my infatuations with the nastional pastime and garage-band rock – the spirit of Joe Jackson channeled through the Stone Coyotes.

  • Marlena DuRon

    This is positively fantastic! Great music and great storytelling of that great pastime: Baseball. Good job. Steve Wynn’s mother.

  • Lisa Gray

    David, Brendan and Marlena – We really appreciate your enthusiasm and support of On Canvas. The Baseball Project is such a great band not only because they are individually so talented and nice, but because their passion for songwriting and storytelling comes through with such ease in an purely entertaining fashion. The fact that they are all good friends, on the road, going to games, throwing out pitches, etc. compliments all of the energized songs they perform. This week, we feature percussive guitarist, Raul Midon. Keep watching, and thanks again for your support! Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

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