Smash Palace

The story of Smash Palace is the real deal; a dedicated band that’s paid its dues and continues to create some of the best melodic rock n roll you’ll ever hear. The Butler brothers do what they do best, 60s jangle rock, 70s rock swagger, 80s power pop, 90s Brit rock all rolled into a contemporary style that’s all their own. Inspired by the Beatles as youths they started writing songs together as teens.

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  • lorrainezito

    it was an excellant show,they never let their fans down

  • jon fritz

    love u guys! fellow Barringtonians…

  • John Healy

    Always great but adding Fran and David was genius. Such a solid rhythm section. Can’t miss.

  • Lisa Gray

    Lorraine, Jon and John, thanks very much for your positive comments about the Smash Palace show. This band deserves to be featured as they continue to release creative, new hooky songs and deliver energetic, rockin’ performances. Their loyal fan base is impressive, and keeps growing. Steve, Phil, Wally, Fran and Dave together are a first rate group of musicians, and a bunch of genuinely nice guys as well. Stay tuned this week for Los Lonely Boys.
    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

  • Dave Thorn

    It was an excellent depiction of the band and what they can do. Getting lots of positive feedback from my friends & neighbors who have watched it online!

  • Lisa Gray

    Thanks for letting us know about the positive feedback from our Smash Palace episode. I am sure you would agree that hearing the back story of this band, and then seeing their rockin’ live performance really helps to understand their drive, fortitude and perseverance within the music industry. It is a feel-good story about brothers that have come full circle as well as the success of a fantastic band.
    Thanks again and stay tuned!
    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

  • Aedan Hurley

    AWESOME! It was a genius idea to feature a local powerhouse like Smash Palace “On Canvas”. They have such a fascinating story to tell; played CBGBs, the Whisky-a-go-go, got sued by Quincy Jones, came back and had a hit record and video on MTV, got fed up with the music business machine, returned to play their kind of music, got rediscovered at The Cavern Club, and now with their 8th album out, are still going strong and controlling their destiny. You couldn’t make this story up if you tried. Anyone who grew up during the British Invasion can relate to Steve Butler’s story of how his life was changed with his love of guitar and rock and roll music. The show was all-around outstanding. Video and audio editing really captured the high energy of a Smash Palace show. Even the promo with Phil Rizzo was great (he should be on TV more often). My only regret is that it was only 30 minutes long. Bravissimo, On Canvas! This is the finest show you have done to date!

  • Lisa Gray

    Your enthusiasm is contagious! Smash Palace is one of those bands that have so much talent, an interesting back story, and great songwriting and delivery! Their genuine love for music and performing shows through on stage and off. This band has proven themselves time and time again, and it was our pleasure to have them as a featured artist!!!
    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

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