Keb’ Mo’

A three-time Grammy Award winner for Best Contemporary Blues Album, Keb’ Mo’ infuses R&B, American folk, Gospel, rock, jazz and blues into a sound that is truly and uniquely his own. His current album, Reflection, captures his musical spirit and virtuosity at its peak. He is said to be a master at blending many musical elements through melody and rhythm, with deep emotional connections. Learn more through his intimate interview.

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  • http://yahoo Keb Mo, Da Man, Awesome Dude

    A friend of mine introduced me to Keb’s music last year. I am truly grateful for that and Keb. He is a down to earth singer,and musician. I have never heard a song of his that I did not thouroughly enjoy. Keep up the great work Keb. Hope you can come to Canada soon. Take good care God Bless.

  • Tracy Bateman

    Saw him perform twice and loved it!

  • Lisa Gray

    Thanks for your comments!! On Canvas is excited to bring you the performance and interview moments in a full 30 minute episode featuring Keb’Mo’, airing this Thursday at 10pm and Sunday at 4:30pm. His performance at Longwood Gardens was sublime, each song bringing an uplifting feeling. His interview was very honest and interesting, revealing what he values in songwriting and performing. On Canvas aims to give our audience a behind the scenes peek into the world of our featured artists. Thanks for watching On Canvas! Be sure to “like” us on Facebook for all of the up-to-date info. Best, Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

  • Aedan Hurley

    I am truly sorry I did not watch this episode sooner as it is an absolute gem. Keb Mo is the real deal. A natural musician, songwriter, entertainer. He is totally fluid in his voice and his guitar playing and sings and plays from deep inside the soul. His interview was one of the best I have seen on this program as he opened up and described his magnificent process for songwriting, building on a foundation of honesty with craft and delivery. “Songwriting and craft…shoot!, it all morphs together in this really organic cool way”. Brilliant! And I loved his crediting his mother for pushing him into music despite his objections. We should all be thankful for parents and the wisdom they impart on us whether we want it or not. Also, Longwood Gardens was an innovative place for the interview, with the nice fountains in the background and all the greenery. Good thinking there. Thanks, On Canvas, for a superb show!

  • Lisa Gray

    Hello Aedan, You really nailed it when you commented that Keb’ Mo is the real deal. Throughout his interview, he shared some really personal insights and inspirations. His music is very uplifting, and seeing how happy he is while performing only adds to the audiences’ appreciation. Anyone who credits their mother for their eventual success is a good man in my book. Longwood Gardens was the perfect place to shoot this wonderful band. Thanks again so much for your positive comments. Spread the word about On Canvas!

    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

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