Fabulous Thunderbirds

For over thirty years, the Fabulous Thunderbirds have been performing their Texas roadhouse electric blues with such top 40 hits as “Tuff  Enuff”, “Wrap It Up” and “Look At That”.  The band’s distinctive and powerful sound manifested itself into a unique musical hybrid led by Kim Wilson, songwriter, lead vocalist and commander of the harmonica.  Their energetic performance at the beautiful Atlantic City boardwalk in New Jersey drew crowds of fans.

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  • Paul Simons

    Thanks for this! These guys know how to play blues that makes you feel good. Just that simple. No hype, just good music. Thanks!!

  • http://www.antonesrecordshop.com Mr. Rick

    Truly Fabulous! The early T Birds stuff was so great.. But now this, fresh, alive, and oh so good! Lightning strikes twice, with this band. Thanks for making this available.

    Clifford Antone once said “If they’re not dancing, it’s not music.”

  • http://whyy.org/oncanvas Lisa Gray

    Hi Paul and Mr. Rick, Thanks so much for your comments about the Fabulous Thunderbirds! Kim Wilson is not only a master of the harmonica and vocals, but his long career has taught him what it takes to make a great band. This lineup has given the T-Birds new energy, yet keeping the traditional Thunderbird sound that we all love. The guitarist was outstanding, and the crowd on the Atlantic City Boardwalk were dancing and enjoying each song. Kim told me he loves fishing, and to be playing by such a beautiful ocean spot, for him, was a beautiful thing. Tonight the High Kings Irish band is featured, and next week is Justin Townes Earl. Thanks for your support of On Canvas. Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

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