Booker T.

As a 3-time Grammy recipient, including the lifetime achievement award, this multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer began getting international fame before he was even out of high school with his 1962 hit, Green Onions.  His work with the MG’s also earned him a spot in the rock and roll Hall of Fame in 1992.  Known for his signature Hammond organ playing, Booker T. continues to leave his mark as one of the architects of American soul music.  On Canvas caught up to this talented veteran at the WXPN summer festival.

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  • Aedan Hurley

    Hey On Canvas,
    Thanks for putting on the Booker T show! I have always been a fan of his infectious, hypnotic rhythms. He is such a bonafide, natural musician. I greatly appreciated your most excellent interview too, as he so humbly described his path to success at Stax Records and his geniune thankfulness for his life’s good fortune. Such a refreshing contrast to so many low talent “stars” of today who can’t stop telling you how great they are. It was really interesting to learn that he credits Bach, Beethoven and Wagner for his composing skills. I never knew that!! I am entertaining myself thinking about Booker T and J.S. Bach swapping licks back and forth on the keyboards. And I now have this strange desire to go buy a fedora hat. Ha ha.
    Thanks again for a very entertaining show. You guys rock.

  • Lisa Gray

    Hi Aeden, Your comments on our shows have been quite inspiring and appreciated. I can tell you are well versed in music and enjoy learning about various artists a bit more in depth than what you may read on artist’s websites. Truly, Booker T. has had a fantastic career journey thus far, and many wonderful experiences collaborating with others. He tells us that he meditates each day, and takes time out for reflection. His song Green Onions was written when he was only 18, but the crowds still request it at his shows. Stay tuned for the October 18th season launch; a one hour special featuring George Thorogood & the Destroyers. Thanks so much for your ongoing support of On Canvas!
    Lisa Gray/Associate Producer/On Canvas

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